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thanks for reading!
Kittylover (Guest)
Aww... Milk is worried about Coffee! Haha but I bet Milk feels that way about being a waiter...
Ruby Sparkz (Guest)
Not sad, didn’t cry ú-ù
>< Spirit ><
As I’m reading this I have A cold... soo I feel your pain Milk..
Kawaii Cat (Guest)
poor coffee. but at the same time could coffee start talking and liking cats?
Kittylover (Guest)
>< Spirit ><, I hope u get better soon (n I know this is a super-late reply, sorry)!
Sakura Leafeon
Ahh, poor Milk... Get well soon kitty.
Kawaii Cat
new page plz
Kittylover (Guest)
Kawaii Cat - I agree, it’s been a while. Also, did u get an account on Smackjeeves?
Kawaii Cat
to kittylover. yes i did

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