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This comic is giving me cavities. I love it.
look as his tail! *insert laugh*

*insert lightning*

LOOK AT HIS HEAD *insert laugh again*

*insert Sonic's head*
Tea: One second, your bow tie is a little crooked

Me: No, no, no. It’s all right. It’s supposed to be a little asymmetrical. Apparently, a small flaw somehow improves it
Ruby Sparkz (Guest)
Jeez Cara’s eyes are killing me in that first and last panel
Yes, i have NO life. Name: Cupcake
Age: 18
B-Day: 16 June
Gender: Female
Information: Shy, cat
Appearance: Light brown hair and blue eyes, somewhat afraid to show ears and tail

Name: Fudge
Age: 21
B-Day: 14 September
Gender: Male
Information: Realiable in most situations, cat
Appearance: Dark-brown hair and grey eyes, not afraid to show the ears and tail

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