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We're sorry. It's been a while, you see.

The comic will now update every two weeks.
Thanks for understanding!
thanks for reading!
Updates are better than no updates, so I’ll take it!
aaa i'm just glad that there are going to be updates! welcome back!
welcome back !! thanks for the update uwu !
Cafe au late. Oh how I love puns.

Caramel, that's not how you run a business! x)
Ah, it was worth the wait. Yay for updates! ^u^
I made happiness noises when I saw that this updated, I don't care if it's only 1/2 of weeks (well, I do care of course, but) it's better than having not Café au Lait at all.
Welcome back! I'm upvoting all the comments before mine :)
Once every two weeks is perfectly okay! Do whatever you need! I'm just happy to see our little kitties and wolfy again!
Welcome back!!!! Oooh I missed this cute fluff!!!
Ruby Sparks (Guest)
AHHHHH ITS BACK IM SO HAPPY I don’t care if only ever updates once every two MONTHS I just love reading it and making theories
I'm so happy you're here again!! Don't worry, I hope you enjoyed some time off from comic-making, and thank you for bringing us more!!

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