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thanks for reading!
Ruby Sparkz (Guest)
AH SHOOT MAN I didn't ship it cause I totally thought they were sibs!!!! WELL I SHIP IT NOW! It shall be called sour ship!
Lemon x Lime (Guest)
AHOY Fellow ship mates! Join me on my quest in the S.S. SOUR!?!!!
Their ship name is Sprite I don't care what you say, Sprite for the win
I'm 100% on board with the Citrus Express rolling out from the station :)
Ruby Sparkz (Guest)
Lol U guys r way more creative then me but you've got my vote for Sprite! XD
Lemon x Lime (Guest)
But What about the S.S. SOUR? T^T (this is sooooo gaaaaay... I love it)
Lemon's hair is FABULOUS. Just thought I'd get that out of the way.

Also, I give another vote to "Sprite." :D
Lime, child, you have sparkles in your hair now
Sprite!!! :D
STOP BLOWING HOLES IN MY SHIP- an amazing pirate
Lemon x Lime (Guest)
@IJUSTCANTEVEN: You took the words right out o' me mouth...T^T *S.S. SOUR sinks*
Ruby Sparkz (Guest)
I find it interesting that this page is called no comment yet I think it has the most comments...cool
Silver moon (Guest)
Guys lemon and lime are both buys
Sigh (Guest)
@silver moon: Whoosh

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