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thanks for reading!
Ruby Sparkz (Guest)
Baby NO! I like you!!! We all like you!!! Lemon likes you! (I think)
O.O (Guest)
They just need to hire a 'Key' and 'Pie', and then he'll fit right in.
Lemon can have a 'Meringue' to complete the set.
and then Lime turns emo, starts dressing all black, and listening to MCR and Fallout Boy
Why is this comic so goooooood?
How could the 7-up team ever work without Lime? Poor baby. He really needs some assurance.
I like limes they make a lot of food extra good!
IJustCantEven (Guest)
well.. I don’t like Lime. I FRIKIN LOVE LIME!
Ruby Sparkz (Guest)
(Aaaand im back) Well it seems everyone in the comment section here wants to be in the comic JUST to give poor lime a hug...;u;

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