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Ruby Sparkz (Guest)
So frickin' manly
The most manly ever
Ruby sparkz (Guest)
It's caramel in Spanish!!! XD
@Ruby sparkz: Nop its not,Caramel is not dulce de leche, o.O
@Heyanon: "Dulce de leche" actually IS the name for something that's like caramel. It's a Latin American sweet that I think varies by country -- jam, more firm, etc. It definitely isn't "traditional" caramel, but the taste is similar. So...yeah. Close enough for you both to be right? :)

(also, now that I think about it, maybe the terms are used interchangeably in some regions?)
@WingFreak: "...something that's 'like' caramel."

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but "like" does not equal "the same as."

Since a wolf is like a husky, I guess they're the exact same thing, right? Nope.
@Koren: I never said they were the same. Just that it was *similar.* By using your example, yes, a wolf and husky are fairly similar, enough so that, for someone not used to seeing them, they might appear the same. Of course, there is quite the difference between a lovable husky dog and a wolf running with its pack in the wilderness, but it is easy to see how someone might mistake one for the other in some situations. After all, huskies are often called "wolf-like" dogs. So, I think dulce de leche could be called "caramel-like," even when it is understood that the two are separate items entirely.
@Ruby sparkz: I am from Latino America so thats why for me dulce de leche is a very specific desert and has nothing to do with caramel,but i guess that maybe if you are not uses to it ,it can be similar?
@Ruby sparkz: Caramel is heated sugar, dulce de leche (can be kinda translated to "sweet milk") is basically heated sweetened milk, that becomes firmer. It's like... Honey and maple syrup. Similar but different.
He has no probrel about being a drag.There is nothing wrong about it Strawberry haah i love it
Caramel, what? XD
Now that is self confidence!!
I love them both so much. They are both very manly men. XD
OMG-- But Strawberry, if I could make a suggestion~ How 'bout Shortcake? +_+
It takes a real man to come up with his own drag queen name!
Umbreon (Guest)
@Koren: yes, yes, that is very true
Unknown coffee
ooooooh yes dulce de lecheeeee oid mortales el himno sagrado (?)

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