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thanks for reading!
D'aaaaawwww someone needs a hug :/
ooooo! Who's this? :D
I just realized the translation of the title of this comic is "Coffee with Milk"
And it's adorable
Don't cafe's sell stuff other than cake?
And who's this new person? Why are they talking to themselves?
Ruby sparkz (Guest)
I'm betting his/her name is coco (because half of the hair is milk chocolate and the other half dark chocolate)
Is it alright? (Guest)
Oh! Oh, I remember this dude from way back when, but not his name.

Is it okay to write about the other cafe au lait you made years ago?

I don't want to hurt anyone...
ruby sparkz (Guest)
is there any way i could still read the previous cafe au lait?
Umbreon (Guest)
What did chocolate do??????
Is that alright? (Guest)
@Napps: okay. I won't then :)
yoyo kirby
? :3
Umbreon protector (Guest)
@yoyo kirby: what did chocolate do??????

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