Milk, the waiter

Loves rainy days. Hates being alone.
His best friends are three stray cats.

Coffee, the newcomer

Loves cake. Hates the dark.
He thinks too much, and doesn't speak nearly enough.

Caramel, the café owner

Loves odd and unusual things. Hates doggy jokes.
His personality is all over the place.

Tea, the baker

Loves to create. Hates being the center of attention.
Compared to his own, other people's problems are a piece of cake.

Lemon, the host

Loves joking around. Hates warm weather.
Self-proclaimed heir to the business.

Lime, the host

Loves animals. Hates lovey-dovey romance.
A good kid who is prone to bad luck.


Loves pro wrestling. Hates his wild hair.
A boy sheep who looks like a girl sheep, who feels in-between.


Loves chocolate. Hates chocolate?
Closer to a kitten than the big bad cat he seems to be.

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